A Memorial to my beloved Dusty

Many of you may already know that I lost my oldest dog, Dusty in January.  Dusty was about 18 years old (I never know any of my dogs real ages since they are all rescues) and had been with me since I was still in High School.  He was my one constant and I believe with all my heart that he always knew when mommy needed extra love.  He was with me through deaths, break-ups, meeting my now husband, marrying, battling infertility, coping with a failed adoption….I just can’t tell you how much he helped me through all of these life events.  I have other dogs and they are all very special to me but I always knew that losing Dusty would be very difficult for me.  I can still remember when we came home from the hospital after learning that we would not be adopting a new born baby that we were with.  I was crying my eyes out and he just came over to me, layed down and put his head on my lap.  He looked up at me with the same trustful eyes that he always had and I immediately felt a little better. 

I have struggled with the way Dusty died.  Unfortunately, it was not natural.  We foster dogs and one of our fosters attacked him.  The vets did everything they could but in the end just could not save him.  I think I will foster again but am taking a break right now.  My other dogs are doing great and seem to have carried on just fine.  Dusty was the alpha dog here and now our little Chihuahua, Daisy has decided that she is the alpha dog.  She and Dusty were in love with each other but for the past few years she had been cheating on him with Billy, a Jack Russell that we fostered and ended up adopting.  The two of them are like teenage loves now.  They have to lay next to each other and kiss all the time…it is very sweet.  I am glad she has Billy.  Our other dog, Ivan, another foster turned into our dog, is the same as ever.  He is very docile and submissive so he is just carrying on.

So, I wanted to add a memorial on here for my Dusty.  The photo is very special to me.  In all but the last five years we have lived in apartments and Dusty never had his own yard.  He loved the outdoors so I wanted him to have that more than anything.  When we bought our house we immediately fenced in the yard for the dogs.  He loved to sunbath, roll in the mud and let his ears flap in the wind.  He looked like pure bliss.  I let him get as dirty as he wanted because he REALLLLY loved digging and rolling in dirt so he always looked like he had been emerged in a Doritos bag.  Anyway, this photo was taken on the last day of his life.  It was a beautiful morning and I was outside with the dogs.  He looked particularly happy and I snapped this photo as he was bounding up the steps towards me.  I can not take credit for the poem and the special effects.  A friend on a photographers forum made it for me and I adore it. 

So, here is to Dusty…..My constant companion…..Mommy will always love you. 

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