Aleigha’s Yo Gabba Gabba Party!

In October we celebrated our baby girl’s second birthday by throwing a Yo Gabba Gabba inspired party at a park.  I tried relentlessly to talk my husband into dressing up like DJ Lance Rock and even had someone offer to let us borrow a costume.  I had visions of us all dancing and Eric (the husband) being the master of ceremonies.  We would sing “There’s a Party in my Tummy” because that is one of Aleigha’s favorites and ohhh, the ideas I had.  Well, needless to say…the husband was not feeling it.  My mom tried to figure out who all could dress up as the characters.  She said she would be Muno and had the whole cast figured out.  I checked on renting the costumes-no dice…those things are expensive!  In the end no one dressed up…which leads me to one of my points of this story.  I searched high and low to find impersonators of the characters and couldn’t find anything.  If someone in my area starts this I think you would be on to a great little business venture.  There is a website devoted to Yo Gabba Gabba and there are tons of parents on there whom I know would pay to have the characters at their parties.  The website is called Gabba Friends if anyone is so inclined to check it out.

So, on to Aleigha’s actual party.  Most of the decorations were made by various sellers on Etsy.  I had these super cute cookies made that look like each of the characters and they tasted good!  Those were the favors.  Aleigha ate several and was eating them for days afterwards.  It turned into a bit of an addiction.  Aleigha was a little freaked out when she first got there.  We were playing Yo Gabba Gabba music and I am pretty sure she was confused to hear the music and not see the show.  She warmed up pretty quick and visited with everyone.  She had a blast playing on the play ground and opening presents was fun for like a minute.  She quickly tired of opening presents…what kid do you know that doesn’t want to open presents?  That would be my kid, of course.  She did get some pretty cool stuff though!  So, all in all the party was awesome…I still wish we would have had someone to dress up so we could all dance around and act silly but there is always next year.  That means I have a whole year to try to convince the husband!


Cookies by Angel Food on Etsy

Cake & Cupcakes by Candy Lane Cakes

Party Decor such as paper banners, cupcake toppers, etc by Let’s Party On

Aleigha’s outfit & Fabric banner by Fabric Fun, etc.



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